Pressé de volaille au foie gras.
This recipe was made by Chef Mickeal GANTNER (Executive Chef of La Centrale Rastaurant) in the 5th edition of Beirut cooking festival. Chef Mickeal used the farming chicken and the Foie gras from la Ferme St Jacques to present a mouthwatering fine dinning dish.
Chermoula Ingredients
  1. Clean the chicken fillets. Poach the fillets in the low-temperature broth. once cooked, remove the fillets and let them set in the fridge. Cut the dried figs into small cubes and cook gently with the porto wine. When the porto is fully absorbed by the figs, pass the mixture in the mixer and let it set
The Gelée
  1. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water. Heat the broth and stir in the gelatin. Add the zest of half an orange and check the seasoning. Once the fillets chilled, cut into slices of 1/2cm and the foie gras too.
Mounting of the “Terrine”
  1. in a mold, pour a layer of gelée. Add a layer of sliced chicken, and brush it with the gelée. Then add a layer of foie gras and bruch it with gelée too. Repeat the process until you reach the edges of the mold.
  2. Film the mold, add a load to press it well, then refrigerate for 12 hours. Add a little of vinegar to the fig chutney. Unmold the chicken and Foie gras “pressée”, and toast some French bread. Meanwhile, grate the other half of orange and crash the jamaican pepper.
  1. Lightly sprinkle the mixture of crushed pepper, salt and orange zest on the “pressé”, and you can use edible flowers to have a colorful dish.
Recipe Notes


Recipe by: Mickeal GANTNER – Executive Chef of La Central Restaurant